It All Adds Up Government Campaign Promoted To Help Save Money

A television advertising campaign has been launched to promote the government’s It All Adds Up.

The £18 million It All Adds Up energy saving campaign is raising awareness of simple actions that people can take to bring down the amount of energy needed to keep their homes warm and stay safe this winter, meaning they can slash their bills.

The Business and Energy Minister, Lord Callanan said: “The government’s ‘It All Adds Up’ energy saving campaign is already getting important information out to millions of households across the country, showing them simple, low and no-cost tips to cut their energy use and bills this winter.

“Simple steps can make a big difference to cutting bills, while keeping homes warm and safe, and by launching this new TV advert, even more people will be aware and the savings will keep adding up for UK households.”

The advert shows some of the ways people can reduce their energy usage and bills such as reducing the temperature a boiler heats water to before it is sent to radiators, known as the boiler flow temperature, from 75⁰C to 60⁰C, that could save households £100 a year or turning appliances off at the plug, that could save £70 a year.

Households can find further information on the ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign at the GOV.UK website, which is running alongside the government’s wider ‘Help for Households’