Egremont Town Bowling Club Celebrates 40 Anniversary

By Robert Haile

Members of Egremont Town Council joined Egremont Bowling Club as a plaque was unveiled to commemorate the club’s 40th anniversary.

Opened on June 26 1982 by then Chair of the town council, Mr Peter Hughes, the new plaque to commemorate the event was unveiled today, June 5, by town councillor Elaine Woodburn.

Councillor Woodburn said: “Over that time I think the town council and the club have always had a good relationship.

“I think we are really reliant on each other and if we all don’t give our time to help in anyway we can then the town loses out by not having the club here.

“It is an absolute asset, probably too many people drive down that road and don’t realise to there left what there is actually here and that’s down to you and the committee members and the other members for giving your time and the town council is really appreciative of that.

“I know over the forty years there will have been a lot of volunteers come and gone and there will have been a lot of councillors that will have come and gone but as I have said it thanks to all of them in the past and thanks to you guys that are here today that the club is such a success.

“What we wanted to do today is help the club celebrate today, I know that we can’t compete with the Queen but you never know in another thirty years time we could be celebrating the platinum jubilee of the club here.

“I just wanted to take the opportunity on behalf of the town council to thank the committee members, thank the members and to all the volunteers, wish the club well again in the future and I am sure looking at it it is going to go from strength to strength.”

The club has many achievements both on and off the green with the members reaching national competitions and the flowerbeds around the green getting recognition off Cumbria in Bloom.

Alan Hall said: “It is one of the nicest grounds in the county and other people who come and play here say exactly the same. We have a lot to thank the town council for.”

The green with different games

The club celebrated with a series of games that involved drawing bowls into an area or onto a target and rolling the jack into a container with points awarded if successful at each of the six events.

All in attendance took to the green for a simultaneous roll at the jack with the bowl that ended up closest winning its roller a prize.

Also the club collected donations for Visually Impaired Bowls England who would be heading to Australia for the world championship in 2023 after the last two events had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The club currently plays in the Tuesday night mixed triples league with the club open seven days a week 2pm-6pm, weather dependent, with new members welcome.