South Lakeland Candidates Line Up For Westmorland And Furness Election In May

By Robert Haile

The new County Council elections will take place on May 5 to decide who will sit on the 65 seat council and which party will have the control.

Cumbria currently works with a county and borough, district or city council but from April 2023 this system will change to a unitary authority with the county being split into two.

Cumberland will be made of Copeland Borough, Allerdale Borough and Carlisle City while Eden District, South Lakeland District and Borrow Borough will form Westmorland and Furness.

Of the 65 councillors to be elected for Westmorland and Furness South Lakeland will elected 30, Eden 16 and Barrow 19 but who is standing and which political parties are being represented.

South Lakeland

Bowness and Lyth

Steve Bavin – Liberal Democrat

Jim Bland – Conservative Party

Simon Philip Clayton – Green Party

Burton and Holme

Simon Joseph Blunden – Green Party

Tom Harvey- Conservative Party

Vicky Hughes – Liberal Democrat

Coniston and Hawkshead

Suzanne Mary Pender – Liberal Democrat

Michael Ian Hoad – Conservative Party

Paul Andrew Martin – Labour Party

Mark Richard Poole – Green Party

Grange and Cartmel

Mandy Barnett – Green Party

Jenny Boak – Liberal Democrat

Lilian El-Doufani – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Pete Endsor – Liberal Democrat

Fiona Marguerite Hanlon – Independent

Tor McLaren – Conservative Party

Luke Stanley Benjamin Mossbarnett – Green Party

Sue Sanderson – Liberal Democrat

James Townley – Conservative Party

David Edward Wilson – Conservative Party

Paul Anthony Woods – Green Party

High Furness

Matt Brereton- Conservative Party

Stephen Francis Carter – Labour Party

Peter Alan Howlet – Green Party

Ian Charles Wharton – Liberal Democrat

Kendal Castle

Janet Mary Antrobus – Green Party

Nigel Byrom – Conservative Party

Penny Henderson – Labour Party

Eamonn Matthew Hennessy – Liberal Democrat

Helen Ngaire Ladhams – Liberal Democrat

Claire Wickham – Green Party

David Lewis Williams – Conservative Party

Kendal Highgate

Trevor Batchelor – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Margaret Bond – Conservative Party

Phil Dixon – Liberal Democrat

Oliver Gill – Labour Party

Rosie Naish – Green Party

Mike Nicholson – Conservative Party

Ian Rodham – Green Party

Matt Severn – Liberal Democrat

Kendal Nether

Raymond Bower – Conservative Party

Paul Michael Braithwaite – Labour Party

Paul John Casson – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Jonathan Cornthwaite – Liberal Democrat

Shirley Amelia Evans – Liberal Democrat

Daniel Alexander Rayson – Green Party

Lyndsay Elizabeth Slater – Conservative Party

Liz Wood – Green Party

Kendal South

Jonathan Richard Brook – Liberal Democrat

Elsa Fuster – Green Party

Luke Ivan Gudgeon – Conservative Party

Doug Rathbone – Liberal Democrat

Lois Katharine Sparling – Labour Party

Phil Whiting – Green Party

Shiela Ann Worthington – Conservative Party

Kendal Strickland and Fell

Giles Charles Archibald – Liberal Democrat

Irene Asbury – Conservative Party

Virginia Elizabeth Branney – Labour Party

Laura Miller – Green Party

Martin Powell-Davies – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Jacqueline Scott – Conservative Party

Peter Carlyle Thornton – Liberal Democrat

Graham Jeffery Vincent – Green Party

Kent Estuary

Jill Abel – Green Party

Rupert James Audland – Liberal Democrat

Helen Elizabeth Chaffey – Liberal Democrat

Margaret Elizabeth Handley- Conservative Party

Peter Smillie – Conservative Party

Levens and Crooklands

Janet Mary Battye – Liberal Democrat

Kevin Ronald Holmes – Conservative Party

Hilary Margaret Pickup – Green Party

Low Furness

Ben Thomas Cooper – Conservative Party

Eirik Raymond Haugsbak Hunt – Labour Party

Paul Alan Rigg – Green Party

Janet Willis – Liberal Democrat

Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale

Pat Bell – Conservative Party

Tony Gray – Green Party

Hazel Margaret Hodgson- Liberal Democrat

Kevin John Lancaster – Conservative Party

Ian David Mitchell – Liberal Democrat


Andrew Clifford Butcher – Conservative Party

Jackie Drake – Labour Party

Judy Filmore – Green Party

Bob Gerry – Green Party

Charles Edward Howarth – Liberal Democrat

Andrew Hudson – Liberal Democrat

Helen Irving – Conservative Party

Rob O’Hara – Green Party

Amanda Jane Rigg – Conservative Party

Dave Rushton – Liberal Democrat

Michelle Scrogham – Labour Party

Mark Wilson – Labour Party

Upper Kent

Deborah Huck – Conservative Party

Ali Jama – Liberal Democrat

Fran Richardson – Green Party

Windermere and Ambleside

Will Clark – Liberal Democrat

Paula Marie Cross – Conservative Party

Andrew Guy Jarvis – Liberal Democrat

Dyan Jones – Liberal Democrat

Cath Musetti – Conservative Party

Jolyon Ronald Thornhill Stephenson – Conservative Party

Kate Threadgold – Green Party