Daily COVID-19 Figures Show A Further 36 Deaths In the UK And 901 New Cases Plus A Weekly Virus News Round Up

It has been another week where COVID-19 figures have been on the decline in the UK.

Today’s figures show that 36 new deaths were registered and 901 new positive cases taking the UK total to 43,550 deaths and 311,151 positive tests.

While these figures are usually low over the weekend the rolling average for the week has shown a steady decline.

In other COVID-19 statistics released the R rate for the UK stayed under one at 0.7-0.9 with the regional rate showing all the regions were under one except the North West which was 0.7-1.

The recently add Growth rate was estimated at -4 percent – -2 percent with no region in the UK showing positive growth with four regions ranging from -6 percent to zero.

In the third release of the test and trace data showed that the number of people contacted that tested positive decreased from the previous weeks to 70.3 percent while of the close contact information provided 18.3 percent could not be contacted.

This was also another consecutive day the daily number of people tested was left as ‘unavailable’.

In the weeks other COVID-19 related news