Boris Johnson Announces Changes To Lockdown Including Pubs And Restaurants To Reopen From July 4

By Rachael Grealish

In a statement to Parliament Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the latest changes to the Lockdown in England, set to take place from July 4, including dropping the two metre rule.

To the House of Commons Johnson says the government does not believe that there is ‘currently a risk of a second peak of infections that might overwhelm the nhs’.

The two meter social distancing rule is being reduced to one meter plus, meaning where two meters can not be maintained other factors should be in place.

In another announcement the PM has said that two households of any size can mix with social distancing inside or out, while outside people can only meet in groups of up to six from different households – but they can stay over night.

The latest businesses to open on July 4 are pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, cinemas, museums, libraries and galleries.

When asked by a fellow Conservative MP, Gareth Johnson, if the PM would ‘join him’ in encouraging people to ‘do their patriotic best for Britain’ and go to the pub, the Prime Minister said he would like to see people ‘take advantage of the hospitality industry’ but added: “I must stress people must act in a responsible way.”

In the list of businesses not included in the opening on July 4 are: indoor gyms, nightclubs, dance studios, swimming pools, soft play, bowling alleys, theatres and concerts – these are to remained closed by law.

Those that were to be married can breathe a sigh of relief as weddings and church services can resume with a maximum of 30 guests.

Johnson has confirmed that there ‘will be flair ups’ of COVID and measures may need to be taken on a local level.

The PM reiterated the government ‘will not hesitate to apply the breaks’ on easing lockdown if needed.

The measures set to come in to place from July 4 are for England only – for example, Wales will not be abandoning the 2 metre rule yet.

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