COVID-19 Figures Show Prisons Had Low Infection and Mortality Rates

In new figures released today by the Government relating to Covid-19 in prisons and its related services that 44 people died and 510 were infected.

When the number who died is looked at 23 were in prison while 21 were on probation, 14 with the National Probation Service and 7 with Community Rehabilitation Companies, of the 510 infected with Covid-19 10 were children.

Among the release is detailed the capacity of prison, stated at 79,600, with a reduction of 4,300 since March 2020 and a operational capacity reduction of 3,850 to allow implementing of Covid-19 combating procedures.

Early release accounted for 175 prisoners with 43 were compassionate releases, pregnant women and mothers.

Today the total number of deaths recorded increased by 186 to 43,414 while positive tests increased by 1,006 to 309,360.

While the R rate and Growth Rate has stayed the same for the UK at 0.7 to 0.9 and -2 percent to -4 percent.

The regional rates have changed slightly show the UK to be slowing the spread and reducing it.

RegionRGrowth rate % per day
England0.7-0.9-4 to -1
East of England0.7-0.9-6 to -1
London0.7-0.9-6 to 0
Midlands0.7-0.9-4 to 0
North East and Yorkshire0.7-0.9-5 to -2
North West0.7-1.0-4 to 0
South East0.7-0.9-5 to -1
South West0.6-0.9-6 to 0

While these government estimates suggest that no region has the infection spreading, the North West could potentially see a spike.

The Midlands, London, North West and South West have all have the potential for a slow decrease of the virus.