Alpine’s New 100% Electric Sports Show Car To Be Unveiled In Bristol

Alpine are a brand on a green footing as they plan to unveil their latest creation with electric power.

The A290_β or A290 “beta” show car foreshadows the brand’s future electric hot hatch, ready to reinvent sportiness.

The first vehicle in the ‘Dream Garage’ embodies a new era for Alpine, purposefully electric and sporty.

The A290_β pronounced beta follows the Alpine brand naming strategy of an A followed by three digits.

The first number refers to the size of the vehicle while the 90 is specific to the brand’s multi-purpose sports vehicles, known as life-style, while the purely sports vehicles have the number “10”.

The β refers to the beta test used in the software world, the test version, just before the final version.

Always looking at the effect the automotive industry has on the environment the Renault Group, Alpine are the sports subsidiary, partnered with Plug and recently had an Electrolyzer installed at Hyvia’s plant to produce green hydrogen.

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The A290_β will be unveiled in the UK on Tuesday 9 May 2023 at 10.30 pm (CET) by Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi and Alpine Design Director, Antony Villain.

The presentation will be streamed live on this link: