Cumbria Police To Investigate Man’s Death Amid Keswick Kong Adventure Rescue

By Rachael Grealish

Cumbria Police will investigate the circumstances of a man’s death who was rescued from Keswick Kong Adventure last month.

On Saturday, April 22, Carl O’Keefe was rescued from the Kong Adventure Centre in Keswick, which required a multi-agency emergency response.

The 49-year-old was then taken to Cumberland Infirmary ‘with crush injuries’, however, it was confirmed by his family and Cumbria Police that Carl passed away on Sunday, April 30.

In a statement made on social media by Carl’s sister, Olivia Short, she stated she and the family are ‘broken-hearted’ after she had to say goodbye to her ‘baby brother’ and ‘best friend’.

She said: “At 3pm today I sat with Carl and said goodbye forever. He was my baby brother and over the last few years became my best friend.

“I loved him dearly and we were in contact daily doing word challenges and exchanging weird facts of nature. I also got to spend alternate weekends with him and his children.

“I have been with him since his accident in Keswick on Saturday 22nd April. he was taken to Carlise Hospital intensive care with crush injuries. It became apparent that the injuries were severe and he would not be able to survive. He was then moved to a private room and I was able to stay with him so that he could die with some dignity.

“Adam was with me and Carl during those last days. He was my support and my rock, he helped me get through this unbearable time.
I’m broken-hearted. As are the rest of our family.”

Cumbria Police will now be investigating the circumstances of Carl’s death on behalf of the coroner.