Review: Luther: The Fallen Sun ‘Andy Serkis And Idris Elba’s Cat And Mouse Chase Is Pure Entertainment’

By Gary

The brilliant but disgraced John Luther is back after being arrested at the end of the television series Luther has returned on Netflix with Luther: The Fallen Sun.

Brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther breaks out of prison to hunt down a sadistic serial killer who is terrorising London.

I am probably in the minority here in the fact that I never watched the Luther Series. 

There was a time when thrillers were big box office draws. Some with even the darkest and gruesome of subject matter. Unfortunately, that particular film isn’t really revered in big box office form these days, but this reminds me of the time they were.

Of course, the cast helps with the likes of the ultra-talented duo of Andy Serkis and Idris Elba who’s cat and mouse chase is pure entertainment. The story while it may remind me personally of 90s throwback thrillers is still updated for a time where cybercrime is a real threat and adds a great aspect.

The action is also on full throttle in this as well which is nice to see. Overall, the intensity of this film belongs in a theatre but even, so I do think it’s a cut above for Netflix original movies these days.

A very surprising film.

Andy Serkis was the standout performance for me in this he really nailed the craziness of the character.

Let’s talk about the wig though and the blue contacts both were odd choices and I think it would have been better if Andy Serkis had just kept his normal appearance.

An okay movie for me but I’m interested what fans of the show think.

My Rating: 7/10