Superfare Tickets Launched By Avanti West Coast Aimed At Flexible Travellers

Avanti West Coast has launched an innovative low-cost ticket aimed at customers who can be more flexible with their journeys.

Superfare tickets will enable customers to buy a ticket for a specific date with the choice of morning, afternoon or evening slots, but the time will be selected by the intercity operator.

Sarah Copley, Executive Director for Commercial, said: “Superfare tickets are aimed at customers who can be more flexible with their journeys.

“Not only does it provide a cheaper option, but it’s also quick and easy. Customers pick their date and time of day.

“Then, 24 hours before their journey, we match them to an empty seat and give them their departure time and reservation.

“We want to give our customers more cost-effective ticketing options in an innovative way when travelling with us, as well as encouraging more people to take the train.”

Around 24 hours before their journey, customers will be matched to an empty seat on a quieter train.

They will then be told the time of their train’s departure and their seat reservation.

Superfare tickets are available for single journeys between London and Birmingham, Liverpool, Preston, as well as Manchester Piccadilly. Prices are set at fixed amounts with one-way fares costing between £12 and £22.

The number of tickets available on a route each day will vary and bookings can be made at least seven days and up to 21 days before travel.

Superfare tickets are currently being trialled by Avanti West Coast. It is aimed at people who would not normally opt for the train to travel to their favoured destination.

The operator has also partnered with discount website Student Beans to promote the offer.

  • One-way between London and Birmingham – £12
  • One-way between London and Liverpool – £15
  • One-way between London and Manchester – £20
  • One-way between London and Preston – £22

Superfare tickets are a trial with 100,000 available until the end of July.

They are available on an independent website –