Leadership Coach From Kendal Delivers TED Talk At TEDx Croydon Event

Cumbria-based leadership coach Neil Jurd is reaching an international audience after giving a TED Talk.

These prestigious talks are delivered by acclaimed people around the world in fields such as business, arts and politics, with some being viewed millions of times.

Neil Jurd on the famous TED Talk red spot

Neil lives in Kendal, a former British Army Lieutenant Colonel, he has become one of the UK’s top names in leadership development.

In 2021 he was awarded the OBE, in recognition of his work with the Army Cadet Force.

TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design – Talks are run by a US-based non-profit foundation which spreads ideas exploring everything from science and business to education and global events. 

Neil, 53, was invited to give his talk at a TEDx event in Croydon last month.

He says: “A friend of the organiser had read my book – The Leadership Book – and recommended me. I was delighted to be asked. I’ve watched a lot of TED Talks and I’m a fan of the format.

“I wrote a talk about the need for ethics in leadership. But when I rehearsed it with an audience it felt wrong, so I wrote a new talk in the final week. I felt it was worth the effort of using the opportunity to say something that mattered.

“The talk is about the need for us to pause more in our work, and to control things less and allow things more. I work with a lot of people who are overwhelmed. I also see a lot of leaders who try to control everything, which is stressful for them and others.

“Feedback has been excellent: people feel it is very timely. The talk is being widely shared on social media so it seems to have struck a chord.

“I hope it will have some small impact on changing our cultural approach to work. I would like people to see the importance of taking breaks and allowing things to flow better.” 

Neil is the founder of online platform Leader Connect, which offers videos about leadership and team development, and also delivers face to face leadership courses.

Neil’s approach to leadership is backed by clients including Virgin Media, pharmaceutical company Kymab, Wilson James, the company that runs Heathrow Airport, and numerous schools, colleges and NHS trusts.

To watch Neil’s TED Talk, visit youtube.com/watch?v=b2S4DU0fdXI