Copeland MP Praises Her Eco-Friendly Former School

Copeland’s MP is heading back to her roots as she has praised her eco-friendly former school in Seascale.

Tudy Harrison accepted an invitation from Seascale School to hold an assembly for the Key Stage 2, to tell pupils more about her journey into politics and her role as Copeland’s MP and a Minister in Defra.

While there, Mrs Harrison met with the school’s Eco Council to hear more about their work to protect the environment, increase recycling and reduce waste in their community.

Copeland MP at Seascale School
Trudy Harrison, Copeland MP, holds an assembly for Seascale School’s Key Stage 2

Mrs Harrison said: “I have visited Seascale School a number of times and it always stands out as a school full of environmental champions.

“During my visit, the pupils showed a tremendous level of interest in their community and ecological issues and told me more about their Action Plan to help the environment.

“Year 6 have written me letters with their ideas and ambitions for the environment, and I look forward to reading them and hearing more about what the pupils have to say.”

Mrs Harrison also shared details of her journey into politics and described her daily life working in Westminster and her constituency. Pupils from Years 5 and 6 are due to visit Parliament in June.

Rebecca Crowther, Year 6 Teacher, said: “We explored the Global Citizenship theme of ‘Power and Governance’ and so we thought it would be really powerful for the children to learn about how our country and local region is governed from our local MP.

“Children from Key Stage 2 benefitted from an assembly in which Trudy also talked about the environment which was a perfect link for our school as we are proud to be an Eco-School and even hold an award. After the assembly, Year 6 children had the chance for a more in-depth question and answer session with Trudy to find out more about her journey to politics.

Copeland MP Seascale School
Trudy Harrison, Copeland MP, with Seascale School’s Eco Council and Teacher Stephanie Wells

“We had spent some time prior to the visit writing about different issues the children felt important to our local area such as transport, price rises, education, and so we used the opportunity to hand deliver the letters and look forward to a response.”

Mrs Harrison also took the opportunity on her visit to congratulate Teaching Assistant Millie Rogers, who has recently completed her apprenticeship. Millie described her 18-month apprenticeship journey, combining work at Seascale School with studies at Gen2, and outlined her future plans.