Conservative Party Candidate Announced For Carlisle

The Conservative Party have announced their candidate to stand for the Carlisle constituency at the next General Election.

Current MP John Stevenson has been selected to stand for the seat he first took, a Conservative gain, in 2010 with an 853 majority.

John Stevenson said: “I am delighted to announce I have been unanimously reselected as the Conservative candidate for Carlisle at the next General Election.

“To serve the people of Carlisle is a huge honour and responsibility which I have never failed to appreciate since I was first elected in 2010.

“Jobs, skills, regeneration and pride in our community are my absolute priorities and I look forward to continuing the fight for our city both locally and nationally.”

The Chair of the Northern Research Group is also on several committees and All-Party Parliamentary Groups including Hadrian’s Wall, West Coast Mainline and Nuclear Energy.

At the last election in December 2019 John Stevenson was re-elected with an 8,319 majority.