Filmmakers Invited To Apply For Kailas And Kendal Mountain Festival £20k Grant

Kendal Mountain Festival is delighted to invite filmmakers across the globe to apply for up to £20,000 for a new film commissioning project in partnership with Kailas. 

If you have an idea for a film that is based in the outdoors undertaking activities such as climbing, mountaineering, hiking, running, or biking – with a desire to inspire audiences with empathy and courage – then this is the grant for you. 

Kailas are looking to see applications which encompass accounts of outdoor endeavour and stories exploring the theme ‘Human Spirit’ with tales of joy, humour and heart.

How To Apply

There is £20,000 available, Kailas hopes to award more than one filmmaker and encourage applications with a budget based on being successful for a £10,000 grant.

Applications will be asked for:

  • 300 words outlining the proposed story.
  • 200 words on the intended audience of the film.
  • 200 words on any key challenges you will face.

A PDF containing the bios of your production team, a production and location schedule and a completed budget.

The grant application closing date is the February 28 2023, but may award applicants prior to this date.


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The strengths of the proposal.
  • The strengths of the project team.
  • The logistical preparation of the project.
  • The potential of the narrative to express ‘Human Spirit’.
Successful Applications

If your application is successful you will be made an offer of funding.

Applicants will need to provide a final budget, production schedule and shooting dates, and a confirmed specification for the film, prior to Kendal Mountain Festival and Kailas sending the offer of funding.

This will constitute the agreed criteria against which the project will be delivered.

To apply, head to

For more information, please contact