Review: Jack Ryan Returns For A Third Series

By Gary

The new Series of Jack Ryan is available now to stream on Prime Video.

John Krasinski returns as the titular CIA agent for the third season as he try’s to stop a plot to revive the Soviet Union.

The third season of the Tom Clancy series includes a total of 8 episodes, that will fill you with tremendous action and drama.

I really liked James Cosmo’s performance in this series and for me he is the stand out performer playing a Russian Colonel.

If one were not concerned with the plot, one could find plenty in a roundhouse tour around Europe.

As Ryan chases the elusive Project Sokol across the continent, he goes through cities like Rome, Prague, Budapest, and many more undiscovered places that come straight from the best-looking tour guides.

If you were struggling to find inspiration to plan a backpacking trip through Europe, Jack Ryan’s Season 3 will come in handy.

On a more serious note, the narrative elements in this season are reminiscent of the treacherous political turmoil Eastern Europe finds itself in presently.

We all know about the high tensions between state heads and Jack Ryan’s writers gauge a similar feeling in their show’s universe.

The whole ordeal between NATO and Russia is weaponized by a rogue faction trying to restore the lost glory of the USSR.

You can tell this is a Tom Clancy series as it has all the tension and political intrigue you always get from his stories.

The last two episodes remind me of Crimson Tide which is a submarine film with high tension.

There are also elements of 24 and Mission Impossible in this series.

I did find this series got a bit boring at times and it felt like it had been done before.

I think they were very brave with the storyline involving the Russian’s and them invading Ukraine it is a little uncomfortably close to real life.

Jack Ryan is worth a watch, but it wouldn’t be the first series on my list.

Having said that if you liked the first 2 series you will probably like this.

If you haven’t seen the first two series I do recommend watching them first as it makes more sense with the knowledge of them and watching them closer together I feel we help as well.

My Rating: 6/10