Review: Avatar: The Way Of Water One Of The Best Films Of 2022

The long awaited sequel to Avatar has landed with the spectacular visuals that are expected from James Cameron’s work.

Avatar: The Way Of Water follows the story of “Jake Sully (Sam Worthinton) who lives with his newfound family formed on the extrasolar moon Pandora. Once a familiar threat returns to finish what was previously started, Jake must work with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and the army of the Na’vi race to protect their home.”

We have waited 13 years to return to Pandora and like the first Avatar movie the second is a visual effects extravaganza.

These types of movies are what the cinema is made for, do not wait to see this movie at home see it on the biggest screen you can get to.

There are times in this movie when you feel like you are watching the National Geographic channel or a Sir David Attenborough program the world created is that rich with wildlife.

Be careful not to get too distracted by a Pandoran fish or a leaf floating in the water, as I did.

Avatar: The Way of Water really excels when it gets to the underwater part of the movie.

Until that point it feels very much like the first Avatar movie.

There is a scene that I found really horrible, it reminds me of poachers that go after elephants for their ivory tusk’s and leave the rest of the animal.

The Metkayina are an oceanic Na’vi clan located on Pandora’s reefs they remind me of the Māori, they have tattoos, and they live mostly off the fishing trade.

This movie doesn’t really surprise you much it goes exactly where you think it will it seems very formulaic and maybe a little predictable.

Honestly there could be a few plot holes but I didn’t really care.

If you’re looking to nit-pick this movie, then maybe you should rethink why you’re there and just enjoy one of the most gorgeous pieces of art this world has ever produced.

Just think of how much work was put into this and how amazing it feels.

This movie is long at 192 minutes long, I didn’t feel the length, in all honesty.

I got wrapped up in the movie and how it looked and sounded so much that it probably could have gone on another hour, and I still wouldn’t have felt restless.

It’s one of the best-paced 3-plus hour movies I’ve ever seen and you could argue it’s even paced a little too fast in the first act, thanks to a time-skip that means the viewer must be caught up to speed quickly.

Some people have said they are a bit taken out of movie with having Sigourney Weaver voicing a teenage character (Kiri) but on my first watch I didn’t really notice it that much.

Avatar: The Way of Water seems to take bits of inspiration from different children’s classics like The Jungle Book/Tarzan /Moby Dick /Pocahontas only with blue people.

Will this movie get anywhere near the £2 billion mark James Cameron suggested I’m not sure but as they say never doubt James Cameron.

My Rating: 10/10