Carlisle MP Welcomes Investment In Tullie House And Prism Arts

John Stevenson MP has welcomed the announcement that 990 organisations will receive a share of £446 million each year over the next three years.

This includes £1,238,857 for Tullie House and Prism Arts in his constituency of Carlisle, providing a long-term investment in our country’s talent and supporting the next generation of creators, performers and artists.

Commenting, the Carlisle MP said: “I have long been a supporter of Tullie House and I recently thoroughly enjoyed a visit and workshop at Prism Arts.

“I am delighted to receive the news of the funding today which will enable more people to enjoy arts and culture right here on their doorstep.

“I will continue working with the Conservative Government to provide local organisations with the funding and support they need.

“The £1,238,857 being delivered by the Conservative Government will pay dividends across Carlisle boosting our local economy, creating jobs in the area, and bringing our communities closer together.

“We are widening access to arts and culture, so that everyone can enjoy the fantastic arts and culture on offer here in our community and the benefits that investment brings.”

The latest round of funding will benefit arts organisations, museums, and libraries in every corner of the country.

From Northumberland to Norfolk, and from Cornwall to Cumbria, the Government is making sure that investment is concentrated in places that historically have been underserved.

By targeting the Arts Council’s Levelling Up places, 78 designated towns and cities from Stoke to Slough and Gloucester to Wigan will receive £130 million of funding over the next three years.

This is a 95 percent increase in investment in these areas and will support new organisations, making sure that communities across the county benefit from investment in culture and the jobs which it brings.

The Conservative Government is supporting our world-class, established organisations that have done so much to build England’s reputation as one of the most creative countries in the world.

It is also supporting 276 new organisations, reaching new audiences and increasing opportunity for people of all backgrounds.

National icons such as the Royal Opera House and Royal Shakespeare Company will receive investment, while the National Football Museum in Manchester and Gloucestershire Libraries will receive new funding.

This investment in arts and culture will pay dividends across Englandboosting our country’s economic growth, creating jobs in local areas, and bringing communities closer together.