Copeland Stores Failed Cumbria Police Purchase Operation

Local community beat officers in Copeland have carried out a test purchase operation in which three stores failed and face prosecution for selling alcohol and vapes to young people.

The operation was carried out in Egremont and Cleator Moor on Friday August 19 following reports of alcohol related anti-social behaviour in the area.

Copeland Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector Richard Smillie said: “We are aware of some issues in Egremont and Cleator Moor of youth disorder specifically alcohol related anti-social behaviour among young people.

“This operation is part of the work ongoing to address these issued by testing stores vigilance in challenging those they suspect may be underage.

“We will report those stores which failed and further investigations will be carried out.

“I hope this acts as a warning to stores to ensure they challenge those they believe might be underage, who have a professional duty not to sell alcohol or vapes to children.

“During our enquiries and work with young people to reduce antisocial behaviour we have found that there are adults who are purchasing alcohol on behalf of underage drinkers.

“This will simply not be tolerated, and we will be looking to identify any person who is doing this.

“We work very closely with partner agencies, businesses and local residents to tackle antisocial behaviour and we continually look to address the concerns of the communities we serve.”

Six stores were visited during the operation with young people attempting to buy alcohol and vapes. 

Three stores passed, two in Egremont when a young person tried to buy alcohol and in Cleator moor when a vape was attempted to be bought.

Three stores failed, a store in Cleator Moor and Egremont sold alcohol to a young person.

A different store in Cleator Moor also sold a vape.

The community beat officers will continue to be proactive in responding to concerns of residents and urge stores to always challenge for ID when they suspect a person, under the legal age, is attempting to purchase alcohol or vapes.

Officers will be seeking to prosecute those that failed the test purchasing operation.