Review: Fisherman’s Friends One And All

By Gary

The true story of the singing Fishermen of Port Issac, Cornwall return for a second outing after the success of the last film.

Following the unexpected success of the band’s debut album No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues, we re-join them almost a year later, struggling with the pressures, pitfalls, and temptations of their newfound fame, second album syndrome.

I really enjoyed the first movie it was a nice surprise to me and a lot of people in 2019.

The second film is almost as good, but I do slightly prefer the first movie.

James Purefoy, returning as Jim, is great as the emotional core of the film, exploring his character’s highs and lows with an always watchable presence.

Imelda May is really good as well she provides a shoulder for Jim (James Purefoy) to lean on and she supports him when he is struggling with the grief over the loss of his father, happens in the first movie.

The main characters were excellent, and you really felt a good connection to them and the story, a good mixture of fun, tears, and feel-good moments.

The rest of the cast are all fine with Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake) being the strongest, his increased screen time this time around is much appreciated.

Fishermen’s Friends: One and All really does a good job of showing off the idyllic Cornish scenery.

The sea shanties are the core of the movie, the audience was singing and clapping along at the showing I went to.

A great watch.

My Rating: 7/10