Government U-Turn On Buy One Get One Free Offers

Shoppers in Carlisle will still be able to take advantage of Buy One Get One Free Offers after Government abandoned plans to scrap all promotional deals.

John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle,  has welcomed the U-turn having campaigned against the policy since it was first announced in 2020.

Stevenson said: “I did not agree with this policy from the outset and I am extremely pleased families in my constituency will be able to keep on taking advantage of Buy One Get One Free Offers offers and any other deals which may be available.

“We are seeing food price rises and hard-working families and individuals are really struggling and therefore removing these offers was completely the wrong thing to do.

“I am glad Government has realised this and scrapped the policy before it was introduced and I am sure this will be welcomed by many shoppers across the Carlisle area.”

Due to be introduced later this year, all Buy One Get One Free offers, along with other offers on food were set to be scrapped leaving families paying more for their shop.

The banning Buy One Get One Free Offers was part of a wider strategy announced in July 2020 aimed at tackling childhood obesity.

Other measures included forcing shops and supermarkets to remove foods high in fats, sugar, and salt from prominent places, such as by the checkouts or near entrances.

John Stevenson, along with colleagues in Westminster who are part of the Blue Collar Conservative group, raised the matter with the Prime Minister, minsters at the Department of Health, and led a debate in the Commons on the issue in Parliament in an attempt to force Government’s hand.

At the time of the original announcement, the Food and Drink Federation’s chief scientific officer Kate Halliwell said, “removing these promotions will add to the household’s food bill”.

A survey also found one in four families feared they would struggle to feed their household without Buy One Get One Free Offers.