Community Rallies Round New Boxing Club

By Robert Haile

A new chapter is being written in Egremont’s sporting history as it gains a boxing club.

Egremont Amateur Boxing Club is the result of Alan Toole, Mally Caton, Ryan Kyles, Gary Meagan and a vision.

Mally Caton said: “I have always been a big fan of Boxing but played rugby league most my life, I use to train just to keep fit.

“I met Alan about ten years ago and started training with him, I asked then if he fancied doing this but he was already involved with another club.

“Last year Alan wasn’t involved with a club so I approached him again and he was on board.

“Ryan and Alan boxed for the same club, Ryan was a good choice to come on board as a coach, Gary Meagan is a close friend of Alan’s and has done remarkable things for his community so is was just a natural thing for Gary to help his friends now get this up and running.”

The dream then started to get serious when Mally and Alan started looking for a venue to launch the club in earlier in the year.

Once one was secured it then needed to be kitted out before the club could be inspected by England Amateur Boxing.

This is when the group turned to the community for help.

Egremont ABC said: “The response has been fantastic.

“It’s not just a new club in the town, it’s a new sport and the team now that we have with Gary Meagan acting as a fundraiser for us along with Ryan Kyles we are looking forward to the challenge.

“We can’t thank the local people enough for supporting us and we can’t wait to give back to the community.”

The club are not only looking at the physical benefits of boxing but the mental and social aspects that have also been highlighted recently on the BBC with Idris Elba’s Fight School.

Saying: “Mental health is one of our main aims, it’s proven that exercise is a fantastic way to combat mental health and there’s no better training than boxing.”

“This gym will be a massive lift for the town, anyone is welcome.”

The town has also had recent issues with anti-social behaviour which the club are keen to help resolve.

“We also want to try and combat anti-social behaviour in the town and will even do free classes for the kids if need be.

“We are 100 percent behind trying to get the kids off the street into a positive and safe environment.”

With the club looking to open its doors in August or September there is plenty that they need.

Anyone wishing to help can donate to their fundraising page here or contact the club through Facebook and ask for their wish list.