All Three Cumbria Cricket Leagues In Action And A Vigodny Cup Match

By Robert Haile

Cricket returns across all three divisions after many teams got their first taste in the cup last week.

All three leagues are in action on Saturday May 7.

In the Premier Division joint leaders Carlisle face Dalton, Millom travel to Keswick and Workington host Wigton.

Cockermouth travel to Egremont as Cleator host Haverigg and Furness face Whitehaven.

Division One gets under way with Egremont 2nd travelling to Cockermouth 2nd, Kirkby in Furness face Ulverston and Lindal Moor take on Furness 2nd.

Millom 2nd host Hawcoat Park and Seascale welcome Workington 2nd.

In Division Two Dalton 2nd face Barrow as Haverigg 2nd face Cleator 2nd.

Ulverston 2nd play Vickerstown with Whitehaven 2nd hosting Lindal Moor 2nd.

In the Vigodny Cup the game between Dalton 2nd and Haverigg 2nd will be played on Sunday May 8.

All the matches are set for a 13:00/1pm start.

Vigodny Cup Fixtures

Sunday May 8

Dalton 2nd v Haverigg 2nd

Premier Division Fixtures

Carlisle v Dalton

Keswick v Millom

Cleator v Haverigg

Workington v Wigton

Furness v Whitehaven

Egremont v Cockermouth

Premier Division Table

  1. Carlisle – 20
  2. Millom – 20
  3. Workington – 20
  4. Keswick – 14
  5. Cockermouth – 12
  6. Egremont – 12
  7. Cleator – 11
  8. Furness – 11
  9. Wigton – 10
  10. Whitehaven – 2
  11. Dalton – 1
  12. Haverigg – 1

Division One Fixtures

Cockermouth 2nd v Egremont 2nd

Kirkby in Furness v Ulverston

Lindal Moor v Furness 2nd

Millom 2nd v Hawcoat Park

Seascale v Workington 2nd

Division One Table

  1. Cockermouth 2nd
  2. Egremont 2nd
  3. Furness 2nd
  4. Hawcoat Park
  5. Kirkby in Furness
  6. Lindal Moor
  7. Millom 2nd
  8. Seascale
  9. Ulverston
  10. Workington 2nd

Division Two Fixtures

Dalton 2nd v Barrow

Haverigg 2nd v Cleator 2nd

Ulverston 2nd v Vickerstown

Whitehaven 2nd v Lindal Moor 2nd

Division Two Table

  1. Barrow
  2. Cleator 2nd
  3. Dalton 2nd
  4. Haverigg 2nd
  5. Lindal Moor 2nd
  6. Ulverston 2nd
  7. Vickerstown
  8. Whitehaven 2nd