Moresby School Council Meets Copeland MP

Climate change and electric vehicles were on the agenda when Copeland MP Trudy Harrison met with Moresby School’s Council.

Accepting an invitation from the School Council to visit to speak with them about her role as an MP and to answer the councillors’ questions on the Houses of Parliament, the democratic process, the environment and current affairs.

Mrs Harrison said: “It was a pleasure to visit Moresby School. I’d like to thank the School Council for the invitation, and my tour guides for showing me around their wonderful school.

“I was extremely impressed by the School Council. Their questions were well thought-out and I admire their level of knowledge and interest they have in such important issues, and I commend them all for standing up to become councillors to represent their fellow pupils and their school community.

“I’d also like to thank the excellent school choir, who sang beautifully.”

Ross Peacock, Headteacher, said: “Everyone enjoyed meeting Mrs Harrison; she was interested in everything the children were doing, and asked them all about the music, healthy living and English lessons she saw them taking part in.

“It was lovely for our choir to be able to perform for her, and the School Council really appreciated the time she took to answer their questions. We hope to see her in school again in the future.”

Mrs Harrison enjoyed a tour of the school, including the new library in which the school council meeting was hosted with councillors Max Hodgson, Hannah Flay and Isabelle Briers acting as tour guides.

She spoke with pupils and staff from all four classes, and was treated to two performances from the school’s newly-formed choir.