£4.56 Million Cumbria Wide Road Resurfacing Program Gets Rolling

Damaged roads are set to be repaired over the next three months with a view to delay pot hole development.

Cumbria County Council is investing £4.56 million in road surface dressing improvements.

82 individual sites will be fixed throughout the county in April to June, which will keep Cumbria moving.

The breakdown for each district is as follows:

  • Allerdale – £570,000
  • Copeland – £319,000
  • Eden – £ 1.17m
  • Carlisle – £710,000
  • South Lakeland – £1.44m
  • Barrow – £360,000

Throughout Cumbria there are 4,908 miles of highway, and it is crucial that this network is maintained with treatments that provide the best value for money.

Surface dressing can prolong the life of the road surface, thereby preventing costly options such as full reconstruction of the road.

The process of surface dressing significantly extends the life of the road by sealing the surface and delaying the development of potholes.

In addition, it helps to waterproof the structural layers of the road and increases resistance to freezing and thawing.

As a result of the scale of the project, some delays are inevitable, but teams will do their best to minimise disruption, with several schemes being completed on the same day.

Work is scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

The council thanks the public for their patience and understanding while the work is being completed.

As with all road works, they are subject to weather conditions.

You can check @CumbriaHighways on Twitter or Cumbria County Council on Facebook to see how the work is progressing.