Exercise Rehabilitation For Pets On The Cards At Paragon Veterinary Group

A Cumbrian vet nurse is helping dogs to regain their freedom after qualifying in exercise rehab for animals.

Donna Hall, who works for Paragon Veterinary Group, is celebrating after gaining her Diploma in Canine Exercise Rehabilitation after 14 months study.

It means she can prescribe exercise programmes to help dogs regain mobility after operations, accidents or arthritis in a similar way to the rehab treatments given to humans.

Donna said: “I hardly dared to open the email at first but when I looked and saw I had passed I was over the moon.

“It was a very in-depth course. It is not common for veterinary nurses to have this qualification and also it is not very common in this area.”

Donna has been running mobility clinics at Paragon’s Dalston surgery for four years. But she said: “I wanted to be able to actually prescribe exercise and rehabilitation programmes for each animal.”

Treatment can include massage techniques and range of motion exercises.

In a recent case, seven-year-old Labrador Mandy was struggling to move after rupturing a ligament in her back leg.

After she had surgery Donna prescribed an exercise programme for her.

“Now she is not on any pain relief and is walking up to 30 minutes, and improving all the time,” says Donna.

“Exercise rehabilitation works wonders. It is very rewarding when you take a dog which is really struggling and after treatment you can see they are like a different dog.”

Donna, 25, qualified as a veterinary nurse six years ago and works at Paragon’s Dalston and Newbiggin branches.