Mural On DeMounters Wall To Welcomes Visitors To Egremont Revealed

Murals on the side of houses and shops adorn the streets of Belfast, London and now Egremont.

Using the Welcome Back Fund the side of DeMounters on the way into the town has been painted to depict items related to the town.

Copeland Council’s Welcome Back Fund co-ordinator, Jenny Brumby, said: “We’ve had fantastic feedback so far.

“It’s very striking and makes a spectacular entrance from the south end of the town.”

The mural shows Egremont Castle one of the main tourist attractions in the town.

In a nod to the world famous Crab Fair the greasy pole and crab apple tree appear along with a trail hound, an event that takes place during the fair but also the many breeders in the area.

A miner’s lamp commemorates the once bedrock of the towns economy, the iron ore mines with one of the last to close still visible and used as a local centre of art at Florence Mine.

Any mural about the town would need to include something about the sporting teams that call Egremont home with a rugby union cap and a cricket ball.

The River Ehen that runs through the town is a known salmon run and a fish makes a splashing appearance on the wall.

Created by Cumbrian street artists Beardy Synergy who in a post on Facebook said: “Final day and the Egremont heritage piece is complete, really looking forward to the scaffold coming down to see the whole thing.

“Thank you Egremont for making us feel very welcome over the last few days, everyone we spoke to has been so lovely, west Cumbria truly has some of the best people and it’s been a true privilege creating this piece for the town.

“Still need a proper name for the piece so suggestions welcome.

“A massive shout out to Copeland Borough Council Egremont Town Council Demounters Egremont Triumph scaffolding for all the support.”

The Welcome Back fund aims to boost the look and feel of high streets and seaside towns.

The funding helps councils prepare for the safe return of shoppers and tourists following the pandemic.