Tory MP Jamie Wallis Reveals He Is Trans

By Robert Haile

The MP for Bridgend and Pothcawl, Jamie Wallis, has issued a statement to say ‘I’m trans’.

First appearing on his website the on Twitter with ‘It’s time.’ the MP included the full statement.

Jamie Wallis MP statement on Twitter – @JamieWallisMP

Wallis revealed he’s received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and admitted to ‘feeling this way as a young child’.

Talking about all the issues he has faced with an individual in April 2020 outing him to his father, sending photographs to his family members and blackmail.

Wallis also revealed details of when he was allegedly raped last year – which he now suffers with PTSD from.

A further statement was issued clarifying the pronouns Wallis would use saying it would be he/him/his, for now.

While the comments on Twitter have be positive from all areas of politics there have been some that have not been so nice.

While others have used it as a way to attack the Prime Minister, Boris Johnston after he used it in a speech opening to mock the Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer.

This makes Wallis the first MP to be trans in the UK while other countries have elected trans politicians most notably in America with Senator Sarah McBride and world first Georgina Beyer as Mayor and MP in New Zealand during the 90s.