Sellafield’s Ingenious Engineers Celebrated On World Engineering Day

All of our engineers are crucial in delivering Sellafield’s purpose to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

They invent, design, solve problems, and maintain our facilities, complex systems, structures, and materials.

Ike Martin, from Bootle, started at Sellafield Ltd in 2013 as a business administrative apprentice before moving into engineering as a technical assistant.

He’s now in civil engineering support in Special Equipment Services.

He said: “When I joined the engineering team, I quickly learned that there was range of opportunities.

“Despite not having an engineering background, I was able to find a career path that suited me.

“During my time as a technical assistant, I was able to see how an engineering department responds to business-critical breakdowns and I learned software and system skills.

“One of the most interesting stints was providing a support service to the civils team.

“My dad is a joiner so I’ve been involved in construction from a young age.

“I knew that this is where I wanted to make a career, so I applied for the Civil Degree Scheme.

“Being a part of the engineering family has given me more confidence in my own abilities.

“It’s allowed me to develop a recognised profession within engineering.”

Ike currently manages the Civil Inspection Programme for the Sellafield site.

He added: “I’m also trained in the inspection of secondary components such as ladders, gates, handrails and walkways.

“I’ll begin inspections on these components in the next financial year.

“I’m looking forward to be able to play a part in improving the conventional safety of the Sellafield site.”

Ike is now in his final year of a Foundation Degree in Civil Engineering and Asset Management.

The course has recently been accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers. That’s a huge achievement for the course developer, Cumbria’s National College for Nuclear.

A civil engineering skills base is needed to support new infrastructure projects and Sellafield’s aging assets.