Historic Brampton Hospital Delivering A Modern Health Care Services

Brampton hospital is steeped in history, and next year will celebrate its one hundred year anniversary.

Opened on September 6 1923 as a memorial for those who gave their lives in the First World War but since then has adapted to changing health care needs now providing a range of health and care services to the local community.

There have been many extensions and renovations to the building to make sure it remains fit for purpose and most recently an extension was built to extend and bring the inpatient unit right up to date.

The hospitals charity the Brampton League of Friends contributed significantly to the cost of that work.

As you go into the hospital the in-patient unit with 16 beds is through the security doors on your left.

A lot of people won’t realise the wide range of other services that are also delivered and based from the hospital.

These are down the corridor on your right but before that Suzanne Mason is the friendly face that greets you as you come into the hospital most days.

Describing herself as a bit of a jack of all trades and supports all the services that are run from the hospital.

Suzanne Mason said:“Most of my work is supporting the ward as ward clerk but I also direct people coming in for appointments, contact the estates teams if there are issuing that need fixing in the building, I orders supplies for the ward, uniforms and stationary and I support all services with room bookings.

“All that as well as answering the numerous calls that come into the reception every day.”

Down the corridor a little further is the Integrated Care Community (ICC) hub and ICC administration team.

The office is the base for the district nurses and community therapy and rehabilitation teams who provide care directly to people in their own homes.

They work very closely together and liaise with lots of different teams and services to ensure that patients get the right care at the right time in the right place.

The work of the teams in the ICC are coordinated through the ICC administration hub.

The ICC Community rehabilitation service, consists of Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, assistant practitioners and health care practitioners.

They provide the therapy needs across the Brampton and Longtown ICC.

This is a huge geographical areas covering right up to the Scottish border, Newcastleton and Bewcastle, and the boundary with Northumberland including Gilsland and Midgeholme as well as the towns of Brampton and Longtown.

The team work closely with the district nursing team to the benefit of the patient to ensure that they receive high quality joined up care.

They also work cross boundary with other ICC therapy and rehabilitation teams to assist each other when required, such as if there are staffing shortages or patient surges.

At Brampton hospital there is a fully equipped gym for core physiotherapy services and there is also a specialist Musculo skeletal service held at the hospital too.

Clare Joenn is part of the NCMSK service who are a very specialist physiotherapy service supporting patients with osteoarthritis, spinal injuries and other joint injuries and issues.

They work with the patients to understand the best action for their needs and to do this liaise with GPs and specialists in a range of services such as neurology, pain management, rheumatology and orthopaedics.

At the end of the corridor there is an office base for the children’s speech and language therapy team.

As well as the services already mentioned the following services also run from the hospital

  • Podiatry
  • Mental health services
  • Persistent Pain services
  • Diabetic eye screening
  • Core physiotherapy

Almost a hundred years old and still serving the community