Five Teams Remain Unbeaten Over Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend In Cumbria Cricket League

By Robert Haile

Round five for the Cumbria Cricket League took place on Saturday, May 29 with five teams remaining unbeaten.

Premier Division

Cleator 1st 67 All Out – Carlisle 1st 118 All Out

The J.D. Campbell Memorial Ground had league leaders Carlisle batting first as home side Cleator won the toss. James Rogers took five wickets as the visitors were bowled out for one hundred and eighteen. In reply Cleator were bowled out for sixty seven with Mike Slack taking five wickets.

Cockermouth 1st 200/8 – Keswick 1st 183 All Out

Cockermouth won the toss and batted first with Gregg Platten making sixty three as the home side reached two hundred. Keswick’s Geeth Kumara picked up where he left off scoring seventy nine as they fell short at one hundred and eighty three.

Lindal Moor 1st 203 All Out – Haverigg 1st 100 All Out

Winning the toss Lindal Moor batted first and spread the runs around as they reach two hundred and three. Haverigg were bowled out for one hundred with Sachin Jayawardena scoring forty.

Millom 1st 78/3 – Whitehaven 1st 76 All Out

Whitehaven visited Millom in a low scoring game. Winning the toss the visitors batted first making seventy six before being bowled out. Millom in reply didn’t hang around reaching seventy eight with in twenty overs.

Wigton 1st 90/6 – Dalton 1st 89 All Out

In another low scoring game Dalton won the toss and batted first with Matthew Jones making thirty as they were bowled out for eighty nine. Wigton reached ninety for six in twenty nine overs.

Workington 1st 55 All Out – Furness 1st 56/0

Batting first Workington set the lowest total of the division as they were bowled out for fifty five. Lewis Gribbin scored thirty three as Furness reached fifty six without loss.

Division One

Furness 2nd 192/8 – Cockermouth 2nd 172/9

Furness were put into bat by the visitors as Craig Warburton scored forty five and Sol Stanway forty as they reached one hundred and ninety two. Batting second Cockermouth reached one hundred and seventy two for nine but ran out of overs in there chase.

Hawcoat Park 1st 47/3 – Workington 2nd 46 All Out

Batting first after winning the toss Workington were bowled out for forty six. The hosts didn’t take long as Hawcoat Park reach forty seven in twelve overs.

Seascale 1st 237/6 – Kirkby in Furness 102 All Out

Adam Brown scored sixty as Seascale reached two hundred and thirty seven at home to Kirkby in Furness. In reply Kirkby were bowled out for one hundred and two with Luke Birchall taking five wickets.

Ulverston 1st 151 All Out – Lindal Moor 2nd 122 All Out

Lindal Moor won the toss and put Ulverston into bat. Gareth Yates reached fifty one not out as they were bowled out for one hundred and fifty one. Lindal Moor fell short being bowled out for one hundred and twenty two.

Whitehaven 2nd 64 All Out – Egremont 1st 243/7

Egremont continued their high scoring run setting Whitehaven two hundred and forty three with Mark Ponticelli scoring fifty five. Alex Hodgson then did the damage with the ball taking five wickets as Whitehaven were bowled out for sixty four.

Division Two

Barrow 2nd 103 All Out – Millom 2nd 180/4

Millom won the toss and batted first with Dec Tyson scoring sixty one and Callum High fifty five as the visitors finished on one hundred and eighty for four wickets lost. Barrow in reply were bowled out for one hundred and three with Ross McMurdo scoring thirty nine.

Dalton 2nd 86 All Out – Cleator 2nd 88/2

The home team were put into bat as Cleator won the toss and were bowled out for eighty six. Steven Wishart scored forty five not out as Cleator reached eighty eight for two to win.

Egremont 2nd 221/7 – Ulverston 2nd 79 All Out

Ulverston visited Egremont and won the toss putting the hosts into bat. Carl Jackson reached fifty and Billy Thompson reached forty four as the hosts made two hundred and twenty one. In reply the visitors were bowled out for seventy nine with Faizan Ghumman scoring thirty one.

Haverigg 2nd 104/6 – Vickerstown 1st 105/6

Haverigg won the toss and put themselves into bat making one hundred and four for the loss of six wickets from their forty overs with Gavyn Chesher making thirty three. Vickerstown reached the one hundred and five required with Ben Spencer scoring twenty five and Matty Solsby making twenty four.