St Bees School Announce Cumbrian-Only 50% Off School Fees Scholorship

St Bees School has announced a Cumbrian-only scholarship, which could see local students eligible for the award saving up to 50 percent off their school fees.

The independent school is looking to further embrace the local communities around the county, and make their unique made-to-measure education more accessible to all.

The Cumbrian Award seeks to find the best students who would benefit from a bespoke, small school environment, but where financial means may normally stop such opportunity.

St Bees School are looking for students who have potential to go way beyond expectations, especially those who will benefit from the school’s small class sizes, an intensive yet effective mentoring process, and a unique international and fusion curriculum. 

Award recipients must be residents of Cumbria, and be day students only.

As a student of the school, children will leave their secondary education with a sense of vitality, a sense of independence and a sense of creative leadership.

They will enter the world and start their first jobs, miles ahead of their peers.

Headmaster, Roger Sinnett, is hopeful that this award will encourage parents around Cumbria to get to know the school a little better, and see just how much their children can benefit from their unique curriculum.

“We have so much to offer here at St Bees, and we want to share our offering with the whole of the county.  The Cumbrian Award scholarship looks to unearth the hidden gems of Cumbria – those who may slip under the radar but have massive potential to be extremely successful.”

“Our small class sizes mean our teachers are able to strike a more personal relationship with our students, pushing their strengths and working more dilligently on areas in which they may not feel as confident in.”

If you would like to apply for the Cumbrian Award scholarship for your child, please email for an application pack.