Cumbria Allocated Over £1 Million From The Department For Transport For Walking And Cycling Schemes

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced over £1 million has been allocated to Cumbria as part of their £225m Emergency Active Travel Fund.

Funding is released in two phases; the first tranche of £45 million will be released as soon as possible and can be used to install segregated cycle lanes, widening pavements and other pop up measures.

The second tranche will be released later in the summer to be used to install further, more permanent measures to cement cycling and walking habits.

The main purpose of the initial funding is to promote cycling and walking as a replacement for journeys previously made by public transport.

Their funding is therefore weighted towards areas which until the crisis had high levels of public transport use, especially for short and local journeys.

Cumbria County Council received confirmation that £233,000 has been allocated as part of the first tranche.

However, a regional press notice from the DfT later confirmed that combined indicative allocation for Cumbria of both tranche one and two of the Fund is £1,167,000.

This means that Cumbria could receive a further £934,000 as part of the second tranche. For both phases, receiving the grant will be dependent on a convincing case being made to the DfT.

Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Keith Little said: “In anticipation of this announcement, we have been working for a number of weeks on identifying potential schemes in each of our six districts.

“We are now working to prioritise which of these schemes could be delivered within this first phase of funding that will achieve the greatest impact to submit to the Government for their approval by 5 June.”

Any temporary or permanent changes require Traffic Regulation Orders and the appropriate use of recognised safe traffic management systems to ensure the safety of all road users.