A TOTAL WAR SAGA: TROY Free On Epic Games For A Day On Release

SEGA and Creative Assembly announced today the latest installment in the Total War franchise, A Total War Saga: TROY will be available exclusively on the Epic Games store on August 13, 2020.

The new game will be free for players who download it within the first 24 hours.

Using the classic blend of turn-based strategy and spectacular real-time battles of the Total War license, multiple BAFTA winner, A Total War Saga: TROY immerses the player in the heart of the legendary Bronze Age conflict.

Players will be able to play as Achilles, Hector or one of the other legendary heroes that went to take part in either the defense of the great city of Troy or in its total destruction.

“Thanks to Epic, we are able to offer a Total War title for free on the day of its release. We’re really excited to be able to offer this game to our players, it’s great for us,” said Tim Heaton, studio director at SEGA.

“This not only means that we can tell the tales and legends of Trojan to a large audience through the great platform that is the Epic Games, but also that new players will have the opportunity to try Total War for the very first time and test the unique gameplay that makes the series famous.”

Inspired by Homer’s Iliad, TROY will let you forge a heroic legacy in the late Bronze Age, the furthest back in time the critically acclaimed franchise has ever travelled.

Rich with myth, legends, gods and monsters, TROY casts these stories through a historical lens to consider what might have really happened but ultimately lets you decide which heroes will fall in battle and which will be immortalised in legend.

The battlefields will tremble under the feet of renowned warriors like Achilles and Hector but it will take more than brute force alone to lay claim to the legendary city of Troy.

You will need to deftly manage a barter economy, conduct diplomacy among friends and foes, and curry the very favour of the Gods themselves before etching your name in the annals of history.

A Total War Saga: TROY will be released exclusively on PC on the Epic Games store on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

A Total War Saga: TROY  will be available on other online stores such as Steam from August 2021.