Cumbrian Media Company Distribute 300 Free ‘Volunteer’ Car Stickers For Community Groups

By Rachael Grealish

If COVID-19 has shown one thing it’s there are many heroes in each community and not all of them wear capes – but one man thought they should have a way of being spotted in the crowds.

Craig Dryden, owner of DrydenMedia, noticed many volunteers during the crisis don’t wear a uniform and may not be NHS staff, but are required to go out several times a day, so he designed a sticker for volunteers’ cars so they’d be recognised.

DrydenMedia’s free ‘Community Volunteer’ stickers

Not only that Craig has been distributing the sticker for free – so far he’s given out 300 of them.

He said: “At the outbreak of COVID-19 I became aware of a number of volunteer groups being set up through social media to support the local community. 

“After contacting the support groups an issue that was arising was that volunteers were being confronted by members of the public for making multiple journeys to pharmacies, supermarkets, visiting homes etc. 

“This gave me the idea that if volunteers had something identifiable it may help mitigate any potential negativity towards volunteers.”

Prior to the pandemic DrydenMedia already worked with community groups, businesses and with the volunteer sector and wanted to continue doing so during this crisis and offer any support Craig could through his company.

So by designing, printing and distributing the ‘Community Volunteer’ sticker Craig hopes he can help during these uncertain times.

Not only has he been distributing the stickers across Cumbria, but now reaching communities all over the UK.

In order to be able to produce more stickers for groups Craig has started a GoFundMe page where members of the public can donate to the cause.

All surplus funds from donations are being donated to local community groups in order to contribute further.

To donate to the GOFundMe page click here. To apply for a ‘Community Volunteer’ sticker visit DrydenMedia.

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