Copeland Community Convoy Organiser Thanks The Community For Their Support

By Rachael Grealish – featured image by Mike McKenzie

The man behind the Copeland Community Tour convoy has thanked everyone for their support over the weeks and for helping him raise over £6,000 for the NHS.

Clemmy Mossop started the Copeland convoy to raise spirits of people in lockdown and in memory of his mother, Linda, who’s life was lost to COVID-19.

Over the weeks the convoy went through towns and villages around Copeland starting just after the 8pm clap for carers, but last week an announcement was made on social media saying the convoy would be cancelled.

In true community spirit the manager and owner of Mossop Construction did one more, smaller, convoy last night, Thursday May 21, as a way to say thank you and goodbye.

Today, Friday May 22, Clemmy has posted an aerial video of his final convoy on Facebook with the message: “From the bottom of my heart thank you everyone that came along and supported us. And a big thank you to all of you that donated.

“This has been one emotional ride seeing so many people smiling and happy in these awful times. Again a massive thank from me and everyone involved.”

When Clemmy started the convoy it was originally just him lining up his trucks up in his yard, then it grew when Graham Cartwright from Forth contacted him to be part of it and it’s grown ever since.

He said: “Every week just got bigger and better. It was a great feeling seeing so many people smiling and happy in these difficult times.

“And also raising money for our local hospital. It’s very emotional its came to an end as so many people love this it’s all people have to look forward to. I really didn’t want it to stop.”

However, as the convoy got bigger it did raise some criticism on social media due to the amount of people that came out to see the convoy and for the vehicles not travelling ‘essentially’.

In total the convoy has raised £6,167 for West Cumberland Hosptial.

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