Review: 65 ‘A Solid Movie Worth A Watch’

By Gary

Crash landing on a planet and then learning you are not alone is everyone’s worst nightmare.

The film offers a straightforward story, “After a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills (Adam Driver) quickly discovers he’s actually stranded on Earth. 65 million years ago.

“Now, with only one chance at rescue, Mills and the only other survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), must make their way across an unknown terrain riddled with dangerous prehistoric creatures in an epic fight to survive.”

A cross between Jurassic Park and Alien with elements of Planet of the Apes and 2012.

The majority of this movie feels like a two person play as Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt are the only two actors on the screen most of the time.

I liked that they made it so the two actors didn’t speak the same language.

The action in this movie is quite intense and some of the big jump scenes, well I always wanted to go into space.

Okay the plot is fairly basic, they just have to get from point A to point B without being eaten by dinosaurs. It does mean the film gets tied up in a nice neat bow, spoilers I guess.

Is this a perfect movie?

Not in the slightest. Does it deserve all the negative reviews absolutely not. It does enough to entertain and has enough of an emotional backbone to strike some feelings.

Overall, a solid movie worth a watch.

My Rating: 7/10