NHS Prescription Charges To Go Up Over 3% In April

By Rachael Grealish

The government has confirmed NHS prescription charges will be going up over 3 per cent from April 1, 2023.

It was announced today, Thursday, March 9, the charges for prescriptions, wigs and fabric supports on the NHS will be increased ‘in line with the blended inflation rate’.

In a release from the Department of Health and Social Care and Neil O’Brien MP, he said: “We have applied an inflation rate of 3.21%. This year we have increased the prescription charge by 30 pence from £9.35 to £9.65 for each medicine or appliance dispensed.

“The cost of prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) will also be increased: 3-month PPC increases by £1 to £31.25 and 12-month PPC increases by £3.50 to £111.60. The recently introduced HRT PPC will cost £19.30.

“Charges for wigs and fabric supports will also be increased in line with the blended inflation rate, as described above.”

Revised charges for 2023 to 2024:

Prescription charges

  • Single charge: £9.65
  • 3-month PPC: £31.25
  • 12-month PPC: £111.60
  • HRT PPC: £19.30

Wigs and fabric supports

  • Surgical bra: £31.70
  • Abdominal or spinal support: £47.80
  • Stock modacrylic wig: £78.15
  • Partial human hair wig: £207.00
  • Full bespoke human hair wig: £302.70