St Bees School Science Fair Inspires Next Generation Of Students

St Bees School wow local children with seriously-scientific experiments at annual science fair.

Children from six local primary schools were given the chance to get hands on at the independent school’s annual science fair, which took place yesterday, February 7.

The school children were joined by sixth form students and staff from St Bees before taking part in experiments that included; testing for hydrogen gas using the squeaky pop test, looking through microscopes to identify various cells and beetle body parts, and watching their classmates hair go static when touching the Van de Graaf, as well as Bunsen burner tests.

Once again, the fair proved to be a great success with around 150 children attending the event, which aims to encourage a love for science from an earlier age by allowing them to experience the experiments first hand.

Head of Marketing and Admissions at St Bees, Ceara Fishercommented on the enthusiasm shown by the youngsters during the fair.

“Science is a great way to get children excited about learning – and here at St Bees – we have a phenomenal science team.  

“Our Sixth Formers loved sharing their knowledge with the youngsters, and everyone had a fantastic time.”

She also explains why events such as the Science Fair are important for the future of education, as well as the local community.

“Giving young people the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary, and to see how impressive – and relevant – science can be is one of our passions at St Bees.  

“Science provides skills for life – and if we can encourage a love of the subject from an early age, we feel that it will put all young people at a huge advantage.”