Record Breaking Christmas Tree Collection For Hospice At Home And McKnight

Over 1300 Christmas trees were collected across Carlisle and north Cumbria in a mammoth recycling operation yesterday.

Carlisle-building firm McKnight has helped Hospice at Home complete their biggest ever Christmas tree collection.

Teams from McKnight and other volunteers set off yesterday to collect trees from Carlisle, Penrith, Longtown, Brampton, and Wigton.

Every year the Christmas tree collection grows, providing vital funds for the charity while also ensuring the trees are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

Wayne McKnight, managing director of McKnight said: “We’re proud to be involved with the Hospice at Home Christmas tree collection and it’s really important to help such a worthy charity. 

“Working together to help them raise money is great, especially during difficult times.

“It has been a great pleasure to know we have raised so much.”

Once the trees have been collected they are taken to be chipped and are used on the grounds of sports fields or to make paths in parks. Whole trees are also used in some places to preserve sand dunes or in animal reserves and zoos.

Cath Coates from Hospice at Home said: “The Hospice at Home Christmas Tree Collection has been a great success once more, with over 1300 trees booked in for collection – our biggest year yet.

“Completing this task would be impossible without the generous support of local businesses, who donate vans and volunteers to go out and collect the trees throughout North and East Cumbria. 

“McKnight has supported this event for many years and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support. We are expecting this year’s collection to raise about £15,000 for Hospice at Home, which will provide many hours of vital care and support to local patients and their families. Thank you to McKnight, and all businesses and volunteers involved, for their fantastic contribution to this fundraising event.”