Make A Difference With Climate Change Course

A Cumbrian organisation is giving local people the opportunity to make a positive difference in their communities following COP27.

Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) is hosting a full day training course, split over two half-days, on November 30 and December 7 that will delve into the science behind climate change and give practical advice on how to reduce your own carbon footprint, and/or that of your community or organisation. 

It is the ideal event for those who have been seeing the coverage of this year’s UN climate summit and feel inspired to do something about it.

To help people from across the county attend, it will be held online, split over two half-days.

Hazel Graham, carbon literacy training manager at CAfS, said: “With all of the complex negotiations and debates surrounding COP27 at the moment, it is hard to get to grips with the real story behind climate change – people ask us ‘how bad is it? Is enough being done? What can I do?’

“We wanted to give people an opportunity to learn, discuss and think about the steps they might take themselves, and the steps they want to see organisations or governments take.

“Our accredited Carbon Literacy course will give you the important facts about climate change whilst also sharing what is being done to combat this, and how you could influence this change.

“People who attend the course will walk away with a better understanding about what they can do within their own lives, at home or at work to contribute to creating a better future for everyone.”

The course is open to all, from residents to businesses, and everyone who attends will receive a Carbon Literacy certificate.

They’ll be able to share information within their community or their organisation on how to move to a more sustainable model.

CAfS is also running a specialist course in the new year for organisations in the voluntary, community, and social enterprise sectors. 

As CAfS wants to make sure that people can attend the courses regardless of their current financial circumstances, different payment tiers are available including a free option for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to attend.

The courses are supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, through Zero Carbon Cumbria and the Going Green Together programme.  

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