Copeland Farmers Attend Downing Street As British Lamb Heads To The USA

Two Copeland farmers have attended a reception with the Prime Minister to celebrate British lamb.

Prime Minister Liz Truss held the reception for MPs and guests in 10 Downing Street to celebrate the occasion of the first lamb export to the United States in over two decades.

Copeland farmers visit the Houses of Parliament, from left to right, Robert Morris-Eyton, Vicky Slater and Kevin Holliday

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison was joined at the reception by Robert Morris-Eyton, of Beckside Farm in the Whicham Valley, and Kevin Holliday, of Strudda Bank Farm, Calderbridge.

Mr Holliday’s daughter Vicky Slater accompanied him to the visit to Westminster, which also included a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Morris-Eyton said: “It was excellent to meet the Prime Minister and to see Trudy, and to celebrate British lamb going back into the United States. It was a fantastic occasion.”

While Mr Holliday said: “It was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion spent with like-minded people. It’s absolutely fantastic that the Government is behind increasing lamb sales for us.”

Mrs Harrison said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Robert, Kevin and Vicky to Downing Street and Westminster help celebrate this milestone occasion, and to help raise the profile of the lambing and farming industry in Copeland.

“Lamb produced in the UK, including right here in Copeland, is world-renowned and this represents a tremendous opportunity by opening up access for our farmers to a significant market of American consumers.”

The United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) agreed to open the market for British lamb last year, and following the necessary inspections, the first consignment was flown to the USA this week containing lamb produced in Carmarthenshire, Wales.