A New Way To Recycle For Copeland

Residents of Copeland will soon take delivery of some new wheeled recycling bins.

Following feedback from residents, the authority is changing its kerbside recycling system to replace the existing boxes.

The new bins, one for paper and card and one for glass, metal and plastic, will start to be delivered in the week beginning October 10.

Residents are currently receiving letters telling them when to expect the new bins in their area.

Copeland’s Depty Mayor, Councillor David Moore, said: “Our vehicle contract was coming to an end and so we had an opportunity to explore different systems of kerbside recycling collection.

“Residents had expressed they would prefer less sorting, and bigger bins, so we have taken that into account. The bins are also quicker to collect, with no sorting at the kerbside by our crews. This means a more environmentally-friendly service with lower fuel bills and less litter due to the more windproof bins.”

As the new bins are delivered across the borough, people can use them right away – whilst those who have not yet had a delivery can just continue to put out their existing boxes and bag as usual, until their new bins arrive.

Councillor Moore added: “Deliveries of the new bins will take several weeks to complete, but people will get a letter explaining when to expect theirs. They can also leave out their old boxes and bag during that week – we will collect them and take them away for recycling. Of course, people are also welcome to keep them to use as they wish.”

Recycling collection days will remain the same until January and then some will change. This will all be detailed in residents’ letters, and the new dates will be available on the council’s online waste calendars in January.

The letters will be accompanied by a detailed leaflet explaining exactly how the new scheme works, and what can be placed in each bin.

Councillor Moore continued: “We ask people to keep ‘washing and squashing’ their materials, this allows them to fit more in their bin, and helps the service operate more efficiently. Unfortunately, we can only collect what fits in the closed bin, so please close the lid fully and don’t leave any additional recycling alongside. If we find something we’re not able to collect, we’ll attach a card to the bin to explain why.”

For those not able to leave their old boxes out for collection during their appointed week, they can be returned to Copeland Council’s depot at Whitehaven Commercial Park, Moresby, CA28 8YD, between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

They can also be left outside the council’s Millom depot at Unit 1, King Street, LA18 4BA, between 9am and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday.

To find out more about the changes to the recycling service, contact the council at info@copeland.gov.uk, or visit www.copeland.gov.uk.