Community EBike Scheme Launches In Staveley

Staveley’s very own pay-as-you-ride ebikes, the first community ebike scheme of its kind in Cumbria and the UK has gone live.

Starting today October 3, initially with two ebikes named after local landmarks, Reston and Craggy.

Based in Staveley Mill Yard, they will be available to book 24/7, 365 days per year for as little as an hour, to anyone over 14.

Isobel Stoddart of Sustainable Staveley (SENS) says: “We’re thrilled to launch Staveley community Ebike scheme. This will open up the quiet lanes around Staveley for anyone to explore on two wheels, whatever their level of fitness and however hilly it is.

“There is a recognised thing called the “ebike smile” – having that bit of assistance just feels great; when was the last time making a journey made you smile?”

They are ideal for local residents and businesses to make local trips – for leisure, work, shopping etc. – based on a membership scheme with really low hourly rates. 

The scheme has been developed by volunteers working in partnership with Wheelbase and other local businesses.

Toby Dalton, Director of Wheelbase says: “We are proud to beworking in partnership with SENS, helping to facilitate Cumbria’s first community EBike share scheme.

“Wheelbase have seen a real boom in the popularity of ebikes in recent years, with customers recognising the obvious benefits of travelling by an electric pedal-assist bike that helps to cut through some of the typical barriers to cycling while also contributing to a greener transport initiative.”

This Sustainable Staveley (SENS) pilot project received a National Lottery Community Fund grant as part of the CAfS Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership’s emission reduction programme.

Whilst it is initially launching in Staveley, it has been designed to work as a viable, not-for-profit model for villages and rural communities as such a system for ebikes doesn’t yet exist in the UK. 

The project will be monitoring lessons from all aspects of the project – from user profiles, types and lengths of journeys made, carbon saved, how the business model and the booking systems work, and the bikes perform. 

Alistair Kirkbride, SENS says: “Whilst its main function is to realise the carbon reduction potential of ebikes in rural areas, the project also hopes to understand the other benefits of health & wellbeing, social & economic impacts, especially given the current rises in costs of living.

“Indeed, a recent cost-of-living report revealed that 57 percent of those in their 20s see ebikes as a natural car replacement (7). We will be writing a handbook aimed at other Cumbria communities which are interested in setting up a similar scheme.”

Subscription rates are as follows: 

  • Annual Subscription – £50. It is then just £2 per hour per bike for any journey.
  • 6 month Subscription – £25. It is then just £3 per hour per bike for any journey
  • Occasional User fee – £5 per hour

To find out more or to sign up to the scheme: