Carlisle Law-firm Wragg Mark-Bell Launches Campaign To Help People Write Wills

A campaign has been launched to help thousands of people locally who don’t have a will.

Research suggests that as many as 51 thousand people in Carlisle do not have a will which could cause huge problems for families and partners if they were to die without one.

© Harry Atkinson 09/09/2022. Wragg Mark-Bell Office, Carlisle. (l-r) Keith White, Solicitor and Lauren Goad, Trainee Solicitor.

Now, Carlisle legal firm Wragg Mark-Bell has come up with an innovative plan to tackle the issue, setting up lunchbreak will writing appointments that last just 30 minutes. The firm wants to make it as easy as possible for people to write a will.

A will is crucial for correctly handling your assets after your death but many people put it off for lack of time, money, or not knowing how to go about it.

Throughout October, Wragg Mark-Bell is running a Lunchtime Legals event where people can book a 30-minute session during their lunch break to get a simple will written. 

And there’s a 30 per cent discount on the usual fee meaning the cost will be £108.50 +VAT.

From speaking to people in the city centre, Wragg Mark-Bell found that many felt they didn’t have the time or money to get a will.

The solicitors’ practice wants to break down those obstacles and misconceptions and make getting a will more accessible to local people. And its solution is quick lunchtime appointments with money off. 

The sessions will be available from 12pm to 2pm, Monday to Friday, throughout October. Appointments will take place at the Castle Street office in Carlisle with solicitors Lauren Goad and Keith White. 

Given the short appointment time, only simple wills are available, for example, for single or married couples with few or no children and limited number of gifts and beneficiaries.

They will not include guardianship clauses or special needs for children; trusts; complex formulas for estates; detailed bequests; or charitable donations.

The Lunchtime Legals initiative is part of a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of getting wills and the pitfalls of not having one which can result in difficulties for surviving family members and assets not going to the people you wish them to. 

Senior director Nick Kennon said: “We understand why people sometimes avoid making a will, whether that be because they don’t understand the process or are put off by the cost. 

“But it is very important if you want your assets to go to the right people after your death. So Wragg Mark-Bell are making it as quick, straightforward and value for money as we can. 

“Give us 30 minutes of your lunch hour and we’ll do the rest.”

To take advantage of Wragg Mark-Bell’s will writing offer in October you must book a time slot to secure your appointment in advance using the booking system at

Choose your time, enter your details, and you will receive confirmation of your appointment. T&Cs apply and are available on the Wragg Mark-Bell website.