Cumbria’s Tory MPs Congratulate Liz Truss On Becoming Leader And Prime Minister

By Robert Haile

Cumbrian Tory MPs have come out and congratulated Liz Truss on becoming the next Prime Minister and leader of the party.

The Conservative MPs for Barrow and Furness, Penrith and The Border and Workington have all come out in support for the in coming Prime Minister.

Mark Jenkinson, MP for Workington took to Social Media to share his congratulations after switching his support to the eventual winner.

While the MP for Penrith and The Border, Dr Neil Hudson, also congratulated Liz Truss on Social Media he released a statement calling in the new PM to act quickly on the cost of living crisis, support rural communities and priorities levelling up.

In full Dr Neil Hudson said: “Congratulations to the newly-appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss.

“Our new Conservative Government has my full support and I look forward to Ministers hitting the ground running with a renewed vigour to deliver on the British people’s priorities.

“Commiserations must also go to Rishi Sunak and all the other excellent candidates who bravely put themselves forward for the highest office in the land.

“The election displayed the broad range of talent we have across the Conservative Parliamentary Party, and I look forward to welcoming the Prime Minister’s new Government appointments in due course.

“Nobody can deny the acute challenges we face as a nation at this time. Foremost among these is the cost of living and energy crisis, which will come into even sharper focus as we approach the winter months.

“While I’m pleased that steps have been made so far by the Government, I’ve consistently urged the Government to introduce further widespread emergency measures in a similar way to the vital support that supported people and saved so many businesses in the pandemic.

“I will continue banging the drum for the people of Penrith and The Border on this issue as new Ministers take their posts.

“With Liz Truss ably serving as Foreign Secretary during the awful war in Ukraine, I know that she will continue to support our beleaguered friends who are fighting so hard to defend the democratic values we hold dear.

“I will be urging the new PM to support our rural communities, not least the farmers and food producers who are so pivotal to our economy and our nation’s food security.

“Lastly, I am urging that the new Government continues to prioritise the levelling up agenda aimed at tackling regional inequalities, and that this very much should be in our rural areas as well as towns and cities.

“I’ve already been impressed by the new Prime Minister’s approach to this matter. I know that she is acutely aware of the disparities we have in the UK and has pledged to make sure levelling up works for rural communities when it comes to crucial issues such as transport, broadband and mobile phone connectivity.

“Again, I’d like to extend my congratulations and support for our new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.”

In a short statement Carlisle MP, John Stevenson called on the Tory party to support the new PM and deliver on the 2019 manifesto promises along with dealing with the current problems within the country.

John Stevenson said: “I am pleased to congratulate Liz Truss as the successful candidate in the Conservative leadership contest, and next Prime Minister following her appointment by HM The Queen, tomorrow.

“There are some very real challenges facing our country currently including high inflation rates and cost of living and energy price challenges and we all need to get behind our new Prime Minister to get on deal with these issues as well as continuing to deliver on the election promises made in 2019 including the levelling up agenda.

“Commiserations go to Rishi Sunak and all the other candidates who put themselves up for the leadership election in the initial stages, demonstrating what a broad range of talent we have within the Conservative party.

“Liz Truss has my full support and I look forward to continuing to work in the best interests of my Carlisle constituency.”

While Barrow and Furness MP, Simon Fell might not have supported Liz Truss in the leadership contest he took to Social Media congratulating and reminding her of the task at hand.

Finishing with: “I look forward to working with her to deliver on those issues.”

While Copeland MP, Trudy Harrison has not shared a personal congratulations to the new Conservative leader and Prime Minister she has shared the Conservative party announcement.

Liz Truss is in the process of building her cabinet with Priti Patel resigning as Home Secretary.

Tomorrow Truss will head to Balmoral to see the Queen to be asked to form the next Government before facing Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday.