Reduction In Carlisle Unemployment Claims Welcomed By MP

Unemployment related benefit figures are welcomed by Carlisle MP John Stevenson as constituency stays below UK figures.

Figures published this week show that in July 2022 the number of people who were claiming unemployment related benefits in the Carlisle constituency has reduced further.

Noting the figures, John said, “This is welcome news for Carlisle, demonstrating that our local economy is growing, our city is becoming more vibrant and more jobs are becoming available.

“With current and future investments into the city centre, like the Citadels and Railway Station projects, it is to be hoped that we will see more improvements in the future.”

There were 1,600 actual claimants in the Carlisle constituency, which was 3 percent of the population aged 16-64 while the equivalent UK claimant rate was 3.7 percent.

There were 240 claimants aged 18-24, which was 3.7 percent of the population aged 18-24 and again this was below the equivalent UK claimant rate of 4.4 percent.

That is 105 down on the month, and 935 down on the year.