18 Month Jail Sentence For Carlisle Burglar

Police in Carlisle have warned they will not tolerate burglars targeting people’s homes, after detectives caught a woman who carried out a week-long crime spree.

Angelina Warnke, 39, of Rydal Street, Carlisle, was brought before a court after detectives identified her as the woman behind a string of burglaries in the city.

Angelina Warnke

Homes were targeted in Garfield Street, Linton Close and Pennine Way between June 12 to 19 this year. 

Detective Constable Elinor Murray oversaw the case.

Speaking after the sentencing, she said: “People should feel secure in their own homes in Carlisle and we take extremely seriously any burglaries.

“Warnke embarked on a crime spree that saw her target residential properties, even while people were still in their homes.

“She thought she could just enter where she shouldn’t be and take what didn’t belong to her.

“But she was caught and those who carry out similar offences can also expect to face a police investigation and prosecution.”

Two of the burglaries involved Warnke entering the home while people were inside.

One victim, a man in his seventies, woke up in his living room after falling asleep in his chair to find her standing in front of him.

Property stolen across the crime spree included credit cards and bags and some cards were used to buy other goods.

Enquiries led officers to Warnke and a search of her home found stolen property.

Warnke admitted three counts of burglary, six charges of fraud by false representation and vehicle interference.

Warnke was jailed for 18 months.