Baines Wilson To Deliver Mock Tribunals To Help Educate Companies

Employers can experience what it is like to defend an employment tribunal claim in a series of role-play mock tribunal workshops run by Baines Wilson.

The business law firm has been selected by the Cumbria branch of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to deliver three full-day mock tribunals between now and 2025.

Each will centre on a real scenario for an employment tribunal hearing.

Delegates will be immersed in the mock tribunal on the day, being cross examined as key witnesses by Baines Wilson’s employment lawyers, trying to win the claim as the claimant or even sitting as a member of the mock tribunal panel and having a say in the outcome. 

Tom Scaife, employment partner at Baines Wilson, said: “Our Mock Tribunal events give participants a realistic experience of participating in an employment tribunal without the same levels of stress usually attached to bringing or defending proceedings.

“It is a proper cross examination and participants come away with an understanding of why it’s difficult to be a witness but also the importance of making sure everything is done correctly.

“The participants are provided with a bundle of documents, which may contain inconsistencies and the process hammers home the importance of why the evidence and paper trail needs to be right.

“It’s great experience, particularly for people who haven’t taken part in an employment tribunal hearing.”

Tom will deliver the workshops alongside Joanne Holborn, Caroline Rayner and Heather Bottomley, fellow members of Baines Wilson’s highly regarded employment law team.

The sessions show delegates exactly how a tribunal works, educating them on the legal steps of a case and how to prepare evidence and be a witness.

As well as the role-play element, they cover conciliation and how to avoid claims, the role of ACAS, and preliminary hearings and case management orders.

There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout.

Baines Wilson has run mock tribunal workshops before but this is the first time it has provided in collaboration with the CIPD.

Tom said: “We’ve done a lot of work with Cumbria CIPD in recent years and are very much looking forward to the mock tribunal sessions.”

Melanie Kinsella, chair of the Cumbria branch of the CIPD, added: “We’re pleased to be working in collaboration with Baines Wilson on the mock tribunal event. We know this event is popular and well supported across Cumbria.”

The workshops are open to any business although CIPD members get priority.

Details of how to register will be announced shortly.