Copeland MP Helping With Finding Funding

As part of her website Copeland MP Trudy Harrison is alerting residents and businesses in the constituency to a range of funding streams that they may be eligible for.

Mrs Harrison said: “Every week, there are grants being made available by the Government and other organisations that residents and businesses in Copeland may be eligible for.

“This ranges from grants to support smaller-scale projects, to significant amounts for large capital projects, and I encourage everyone to consider visiting my website to investigate what you may be eligible for.”

A ‘Grants and Funding’ section is on her website, which is updated with links and application details each time a new grant becomes available.

Recent additions have included the Adding Value Grant, from Defra, which is available to growers or producers to add value to products once they have been harvested or reared; and the Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, to allow venues to improve displays, enhance collections and make exhibitions more accessible to visitors.

The webpage also includes grants for businesses, schools, libraries and music venues, in addition to a section for grants promoting energy-saving and sustainability.

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