Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – and the UK finally didn’t come dead last

By Robert Haile

For one night a year we Brits gather round and enjoy 25 musical acts from across Europe and Australia – and this year it was Ukraine who won.

This year’s edition took place in Turin, Italy after Måneskin clinched the crown in 2021, whereas the UK came 26 (how things have changed this year).

As one of the big five the UK along with Spain, France, Italy and Germany qualified directly for the final with the other 20 coming from the two semifinals that take place earlier in the week.

As with all contests there are always some surprises France sang in Breton, Norway dressed as yellow wolves and The Rasmus had just been watching and waiting in Finland (yes, that’s right the guys who had that huge hit back in the noughties, they’re still around!).

Then was the moment all viewers thought they’d had that drink too many when Serbia came on stage and you thought they was asking about Meghan Markle.

Fear not, they actually were singing about Meghan Markle. They sung: “Koja li je tajna zdrave kose Megan Markl?” which roughly translates to “What could be the secret of Meghan Markle‘s healthy hair?”

But the winner of the evening was none other than Kalush Orchestra, representing Ukraine. But the United Kingdom very much nearly clinched it as Sam Ryder came second with his song ‘Space Man’.

The UK definitely didn’t fare as badly as many of us predicted from previous years as Ryder got the UK 283 jury points – a far cry from last years zero points. And, with the public vote points, no country came away with zero at all.

A highlight of the evening has to be Måneskin performing their latest song ‘Supermodel’ after taking the world by storm since their win and a taster from their new song for Baz Luhrman’s Elvis biopic.

However, their real moment of the night was giving the contestants the advice ‘don’t get too close to the table’ after they got accused of taking drugs last year.

A final touching moment was Gigliola Cinquetti – who won the contest for Italy back in 1964, age only 16 – now 74-years-old performing at the end.